WVS Performance LTD

We are Performance Tuning Specialists based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire which provides a wide range of specialist services to both trade and the general public.

Our business has been recognized nationally, having established an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, competitive prices and the ability to provide a wide range of services to the industry. Every job carried out to the highest possible standard every time. GUARANTEED!

All our work is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, not only to carry out the work on your vehicle but to also test drive any vehicle standard or modified giving you complete peace of mind.

WVS Performance LTD boasts a state of the art, working environment for our dedicated team of experienced technicians.

WVS Performance LTD have over 10 years experience and extensive knowledge in the motor industry to produce a very successful and growing business.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 V6 CRD

Came in for remapping and dyno setup.

After a few hours of data logging and dyno testing we custom remapped the Jeep.

Performance gains of: 47HP & 50 lb ft / 68 NM of Torque.

EGR was disabled and blanked to prevent future EGR fault / failures

MPG Gain of approx 9-10MPG.

All previous flat spots ironed out with better drive ability, safer towing, improved throttle response, longer power band and better MPG

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WVS Performance 4WD Rolling Road / Dyno in Scarborough, North Yorkshire is officially open!

WVS Performance LTD are proud to announce the new installation of our latest 4wd Mustang Dyno / Rolling Road within our tuning facility. We have looked to take our tuning to a new level offering more in house research and development on 4wd / 4x4 vehicles.

We are now taking bookings for dyno days, power runs and Remapping / Tuning done properly with before and after printouts etc.

Call us today 📞: 01723 586798, email us 📧: info@wvsperformanceltd.co.uk or message us here on Facebook

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Avoid Costly DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) & EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) Repair Bills !

We are specialists in DPF & EGR Repair Solutions.

Your vehicle will still pass the VOSA MOT with our specialist solutions.

Fully compliant with VOSA Annual MOT Regulations.

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