Four Wheel Alignment

WVS Performance fully computerized 4 Wheel Alignment / Geometry on all makes and models of vehicles. Whether your looking for a standard setup or a full custom setup for fast road, track or lowered vehicles, we can setup your vehicle how you want it!
The 4 main benefits of a 4 Wheel Alignment / Geometry setup are: Reduced Tyre Wear, Better Fuel Economy, Improved Handling and Safer Driving.

Prices start for as little as £48 with before and after printouts.

Please do not confuse this to your quick tracking setup at local tyre centres etc.

Get it done right, get it done once!


From basic diagnostics/fault finding to more advanced programming, coding, adaptions, DPF regeneration etc.

What you get at main dealers but without the silly price tag!

We can also offer a mobile diagnostic service (We come to you!), please get in touch for more details.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Re circulation)

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Re circulation) Valve allows hot, used exhaust gasses back into the engine. As a result this can cause excessive smoke, lack of power / hesitation and reduced fuel economy.

Cool clean air is essential for a efficient clean running engine with improved fuel economy and smoother running.

Either blanking or disabling of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is widely recognised as a simple and effective method of improving the efficiency of a turbo diesel engine.

We offer both EGR disable by accessing the vehicles ECU and Laser cut blanking plates available from stock for most makes and models.

Do it once… do it right!