WVS Performance are able to offer a number of engine conversions on a large variety of vehicles allowing pretty much any engine to be fitted into any vehicle.

The most common of which includes the fitting of Vauxhall 2.0 16v C20XE ‘Redtop’,  2.0 16v C20LET and Saab B204L Turbo engines into cars such as the Vauxhall Astra, Corsa and Nova.

All engine conversions carried out at WVS are to the highest standard and are designed to look as much factory fitment as possible. Whilst the engine conversions are taking place both the engines and the vehicle engine bays are cleaned thoroughly to ensure a clean and tidy conversion. Where possible all factory electrical plugs and connectors are used and all Engine Management diagnostics are still available enabling fault diagnosis possible at any garage.

We also issue an engineers report with all our engine conversions, this ensures the conversion was carried out safely and all appropriate parts used. This helps you when insuring your vehicle with its new engine and when changing the engine details on the V5 document.

Chassis Strengthening

When fitting a larger engine which produces more power than the vehicle was designed for it is necessary to strengthen the vehicles chassis to cope with the extra stress.

A chassis plating kit is designed to strengthen the most vulnerable points in a vehicles chassis, this combined with seam welding of the engine bay etc is the ideal combination for any fast road, race or rally vehicle.

We offer this service when carrying out any engine conversions.

Do it Yourself Conversion Kits

We can also supply you with the relevant fitting kit for your vehicle and engine. A number of different fitting kits are kept in stock including Vauxhall Nova and Corsa 2.0i kits.

All our engine conversion parts are the highest quality available, laser cut, TIG welded and powder coated providing maximum strength and factory looks.

Engine conversion parts are also available separately, these parts include:

  • Engine Mounts
  • Gearbox Mounts & Spacers
  • Motor Sport Drive Shafts
  • Motor Sport Hubs
  • Anti Roll Bar Lowering Blocks
  • Chassis Strengthening Plate Kits